Dr Medhat El-Wahsh

General Practitioner

MBBCh, FRACGP, FRCS (UK), MSc (Masters in General Surgery, Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine)

Dr El-Wahsh is a GP with basic training in general surgery.
He has a special interest in Diabetes, pediatrics and seniors, chronic illness management and mental health.
He is able to carry out minor surgical procedures.
Dr El-Wahsh 是一位拥有基础外科训练的全科医生。 他特别擅长于糖尿病,儿科和老年人,慢性病管理和心理健康。 他能够在医疗中心进行小型外科手术。

Dr Anita Darmo

General Practitioner

BMedSci MPharm MBBS DCH FRACGP MMed Clin Epi

Experienced Female GP, women's health, pap smears.
Dr Anita Darmo 是一位经验丰富的女性全科医生,擅长于女性健康,子宫颈抹片检查。

​​Susan Seif

Clinical Psychologist

BA Psych (Hons)

Susan has been working as a registered psychologist since 2012 and has completed her Master of Clinical Psychology. She has worked privately since 2013 and is also part of an acute care team that provides intervention to patients presenting with acute mental health problems. Her passion is to use her skills and knowledge relating to human behaviour and thinking, to help people overcome addictions, relationship problems, mood disorders, anxiety problems, and various psychological barriers.
Susan 自2012年以来一直担任注册心理学家, 并获得临床心理学硕士学位。自2013年以来, 她一直在私立机构从事心理学工作, 同时也是急性护理团队的一员, 为急性心理健康问题患者提供咨询和治疗 。她热衷于用她对人类行为和思维相关的理解认知去帮助人们克服成瘾问题, 人际关系问题, 情绪障碍, 焦虑问题和各种心理障碍。

Anthony Espinosa


GDipPsych, BSPsych(Hons), MPsych(Clin)

Anthony offers a professional, confidential and caring service; helping patients identify their strengths and values, and equipping them with tools to establish meaningful change in their lives.He works with adults and adolescents; assessing and treating anxiety and depression. He also works with people living with chronic illness and pain, and those adjusting to difficult life circumstances. Anthony employs the latest evidence-based therapies, including mindfulness techniques with a compassionate and non-judgemental approach.